Toys are the first and the last love of baby. They can’t imagine their lives without toys. Without exaggerating it’s true because when they open their eyes for the first time and cry, we try to engage them, divert their attention using toys and hence the toys becomes the inseparable part of their lives. They always want to be surrounded by toys and loves to buy them all the time. And as a parent, you must want to fulfil all their wishes and make their childhood unforgettable. What if we say that you can easily do this without even spending a lot of money. Yes, that’s true, it’s not always about the money. You can buy children’s toys and ultimately their happiness in economical and affordable rates. So, buckle up now! As we are going to introduce amazing and stylish toys that too in economical rates. 

2 In 1 Shahi Sawari Horse:

This is one of the amazing baby toys under 10000 Pkr that is available In our outlets. Have a look at its features below.

  • The plastic used in the manufacturing of this toy if of High Quality.
  • You must have heard of 2 in 1 offer, but maybe never got a chance to experience that. But you can experience this thing with BTL Toys as our Shahi Sawari is of 2 in 1, means that by buying this one-horse your kid can experience both swinging modes and move like a ride on.
  • Age: 8months-3 years
  • It has a wheel locking system.
  • There is hand support for your kids where your child can easily place its hand and can enjoy the ride trouble-free.
  • It has a comfy and Spacious seat that makes you child’s ride relaxing.
  • The horse has strong tires.
  • It is Handy, that means you can carry this baby toy anywhere you want.
  • Price: 2,200

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Mercedes GL63 Car:

BTL Toys has now come up with a modified and updated model of Mercedes, that is one of the amazing baby toys under 10000 Pkr. The ride-on is made up of a durable material that lasts long. If you want to add that missing element of fun in your kid’s life, then this Mercedes is the amazing thing you can opt for. The best part is that it is not just limited to fun and entertainment but also shapes your child’s sense, skills, talent, socio-economical skills, boosts his confidence and add charm in his personality.

Want to know more about this lavish car! Please have a look at its premium features below.

  • An assembly menu is given along with a car so that you won’t have to face any difficulty in its assembling.
  • The ride-on has a fascinating and engaging appearance, that will engage your child’s sense.
  • Mercedes GL63 has a soft, mushy steering wheel, because of this your kid do not have to face any difficulty while driving.
  • The car is of dual Nature i-e self-drive and remote control, means if your child is not mature enough, then you can control all his movements otherwise he can self-drive.
  • The car is made up of a durable material that will last long.
  • The ride-on has a spacious and comfy seat so that your kid can enjoy his Ride comfortably.
  • The Mercedes is designed while keeping in mind your child’s safety, it has all the safety locks and a protective seat belt.
  • The car has alluring, Mesmerizing and bright front lights that will fascinate your child and will brighten up your tunnel.
  • The ride-on has a wonderful and stylish back look.
  • The ride-on has an enthralling music system and has a port for AUX Cable, SD Card so that your child can listen to Music as per his choice. In this way, your child’s ride will become more adventurous.

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2 In 1 Foldable kids Slide:

Foldable kids Slide, another amazing baby toy for kids under 10000 Pkr. It is made up of a durable material that lasts long. The kids’ slide will add loads of fun and entertainment in your child’s life and the plus point about this baby toy under 10000 Pkr is you don’t have to take your child to park always as now you have this slide.

Want to know about this slide more! Please have a look at its elite features below.

  • The foldable kids slide is made up of a durable material i-e Nontoxic plastic, that lasts long.
  • The slide has a cute yet beneficial foldable that means you can easily fold the slide and carry it wherever you want in its compact form.
  • The slide is of dual nature i-e slide and basketball, which means that your kid can take the slide and along with it can play basketball.
  • The foldable slide has a classy air pump to blow air in the ball.
  • It has a unique Instrumental handle rod with a strong grip, that makes this slide more beneficial.
  • The foldable slide has 2 steps(stairs), that helps the kid to reach the inclined slide and can have loads of fun.
  • In Stock: Blend of off-white, red, yellow and blue, yellow and pink
  • Age: 1.5- years
  • 2 in 1: slide + basketball
  • Colourful
  • Price: 7,500

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