Children are very fond of the park, they always want to go to the park and have slides, swings, there. But as a parent, you have all other responsibilities that need to be fulfilled at that time. So, because of this, you can’t bring your child to the park but you can bring the park to your child. You must be wondering how is it possible! Well, you don’t have to worry as everything is possible when BTL Toys are there. Buckle up! As we are going to introduce the foldable slides having a basketball hoop that will not only make your child’s life enjoyable just like that park but will also keep in engaged that he will not bother you and you can easily fulfill all your responsibilities.

Want to know more about this amazing slide! Have a look at its exclusive features below.

  • The foldable kids slide is made up of a durable material i-e Nontoxic plastic, that lasts long.
  • The slide has a cute yet beneficial foldable that means you can easily fold the slide and carry it wherever you want in its compact form.
  • The slide is of dual nature i-e slide and basketball, which means that your kid can take the slide and along with it can play basketball.
  • The foldable slide has a classy air pump to blow air in the ball.
  • It has a unique Instrumental handle rod with a strong grip, that makes this slide more beneficial.
  • The foldable slide has 2 steps(stairs), that helps the kid to reach to the inclined slide and can have a loads of fun.
Additional Specifications:
  • In Stock: Blend of off-white, red, yellow and blue, yellow and pink
  • Age: 1.5- years
  • 2 in 1: slide + basketball
  • Colorful
  • Slide length: 95 cm