BTL introduction page

Over the centuries, we have been viewing different technologies making their way to the new generation; the days are gone when you have to take your kid to the nearby BTL store to let them view the array of toys on display. Now, they can easily order their desired toy product with the help of our versatile website. The online toy shopping is here to save your time and money. With the BTL website, your toy shopping will become easily convenient and economical; you can quickly order your favorite toys just by clicking one button.

Who we are?

Hello, I am Muhammad Atif Asif, one of the boards of directors of BTL toys; we have started this company to provide your child with the best durable toys featuring high quality. At first, thinking of starting a company was like crossing a Bermuda triangle, but with elder encouragement and our highly professional experts, this dream came true. As Pakistan is ranking on the list of highly populated countries, we are somewhere lacking our child development and growth in between. We are the ones who provide our child with thousands of gadgets such as guitar and expect them to be a doctor in the future. Through our efforts, we just want to spread the right way of development of a child.

Our Ambition:

Why settle for less, as BTL toys provide you the best” with our highly trained team and employees we just want to spread our slogan all over the world. We totally understand and respect our customer’s emotions, and try our best to provide them the product in economical price and high quality. As “toys aren’t just mere product, they are the way of child’s development”.

What made the Ceo started this company?

I started this company to give our new youth “A motive, a reason, and a product to play” 7 years ago, I went to Dubai and purchased stallers in a bulk quantity, got it imported through emirates airline, little did I know how to sell the product, I tried almost everything to sell it at a market price and that is how I entered the toy industry. At first, I launched some toys that got immense love from all of the customers that gave me the motivation to expand my business, and I introduced baby products for all the mothers, the products were modified by the finest designers by keeping in mind mother comfort and child safety at the same time. After that, we started working on the ride on, which also got quite popular in the toy industry; it was enough encouragement to start another startup which was import and export of ride on. Whatever we did, we did it from the heart. And maybe that was the reason we are here today, another reason that got us famous was our customer support, whenever a customer buys anything we just don’t sell a mere product instead we also spread the basic awareness that can benefit parents in various ways. From our company “we didn’t just want to earn money, we wanted to spread our words, our techniques, awareness of child development to the parents” as we are proceeding to a new generation, there are a lot of people who still don’t have proper knowledge of child’s growth. Some parents are way too conscious and some parents despite being capable don’t even know the basics. The basic standard of the world is “whatever you are presently doing for your child, he is going to do the same for their child in the future” if you are buying him a toy gun, and expecting him to be an engineer then you are completely wrong because it’s obvious he is going to be an army officer in the future, the child development depends upon the knowledge he is inheriting from their parents and that is what we are trying to spread from our work. We have also seen the hard times, with rapidly increasing competitor rates, and customer complains but they only encouraged us more and we learned a lot Alhamdulillah and maybe that’s why today, “we aren’t just a mere toy brand, we are a toy industry in ourselves”.

Does the CEO going to launch more similar project in the future?

With the grace of Allah almighty and our dedicated team, we will definitely launch similar projects that will be advantageous to parents in many ways, from the child grows to the right parenting; we will always try to spread such basics from our work.

Role of employees in BTL toys:

“We aren’t just a team, we are a family” Without our finest team, we wouldn’t be here, where we are today.  They are equal parts of the company, and every employee has a respected role in BTL toys. Such as  Saud Shoukat the SEO manager and web developer of BTL toys, Zohaib, and Madni the pillars of the company, Mansoor the manager of Lahore outlet and Noor ul Huda, an official content writer of BTL toys. Despite these, there are a lot of others that hold a very special position in the company. As someone said, “You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business

Why we choose BTL toys for our brand name?

What could be better than starting something with the name of ALLAH almighty? BTL stands for BISMILLAH TOY’S LAND. It was first recommended by my dad. And with the blessing of my parents and Allah we decided, nothing can be more perfect than BISMILLAH TOY’S LAND. But as the name got imprinted on the banners, pamphlets, and cards. People used to throw it anywhere on the ground or in the trash without any care, that raised our concern and we started to call it BTL a short form, in this way, we kept our name from Allah almighty and at the same time, imprinted it as BTL to save people from blasphemy.

Our mission:

“Our mission is to build an active and creative mind of youth, to spread our words all over the world, we want to circulate the right awareness of child’s development among parents, a sense of understanding and compassion for others. We endeavor to learn every day, from a simple security guard to our Ceo; we try to learn new things from everyone. Through our work, generosity, and kindness, we want to rule this industry. Why one should buy from BTL toys? With thousands of competitors in the market, it surely is difficult to choose the right one. But as we say “why settle for less, as BTL toys provide you the best” by availing our services, “you are not just buying a mere toy for your child, you are choosing a lifetime warranty”. We provide you with thousands of facilities such as, if in the future your ride on gets damaged, you can bring it to our store and we will repair it for free. With our exceptional services and hard work, we are today the Pakistan largest toy brand and you can surely count on us. As from us, you are not just buying a product, we will also guide you on the basics of child evolution and whatever we can to help you or your child.

Our contribution in providing a vehicle to your child development:

Development of child is one of the biggest scenarios, we are avoiding these days, with immense increase in the rate of population, we are somewhere forgetting the basic acknowledgment we have to provide our child in order to create a road of success for them. So, while building our empire we promised ourselves to provide our customers with a vehicle to a child’s development. As we believe “Mother’s choose the road of success to enhance the child development but without BTL Toys, it’s not possible as it provides the vehicle that helps to cross that road”

“With your huge love and encouragement, BTL toys is leading its brand flag all over the world. We started with a simple plan, and today we are an empire ourselves

“One of the BTL toys Ltd. board of director”