Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion

Success, to say it is just a mere word comprising of some alphabets, but everyone’s life revolves around this word. We all just want to be successful in our life. Now, what is success? For diverse people, there are different definitions of success. For instance, for a college student, success is all about getting good grades; for a business tycoon, success is all about cracking a deal; for some people, success is praying five times a day. Similarly, for underprivileged individuals, success is all about earning enough money to fulfill his family’s hungry tummy, and so on. So, there are various modes and perceptions of success for different people, but if you look closely, one thing is the same amongst all, achieving and accomplishing their aims and purpose.

But now the question arises, “How can a person become successful?” and climbs the ladder of success effortlessly through his hunger and hard work. Well, people say success can’t be achieved effortlessly, so to welcome a new journey of accomplishment in your life, you also have to open the door of labor in your life. Have you ever heard, “To become successful is not a child’s play; it’s beyond all the worldly powers” According to what BTL TOYS have experienced in life, consistency is what matters the most. It is the only way you can fetch victory under your feet.

Why Consistency?

It’s very easy to make a viral video, but longevity and consistency, that’s hard.

Sustaining consistency is one of the most challenging tasks one has to follow while achieving success in his life. For instance, we make a proper draft of all the do’s and don’ts and follow it sequentially until all of sudden we realize we are not getting any fruitful result. The things aren’t panning out the way we wanted! Having these thoughts not only makes us disappointed, but it also leads us towards the journey of discouragement and hopelessness. We start to lose interest and end up sitting on a couch with a bunch of unhealthy things and a TV show to get things off the mind. You don’t have to hide behind the curtains, after all! That’s what we all do. But you also need to understand success will not come quickly; it takes patience, consistency, and dedication.

Best of all, living in the 21st century has its own perks as the presence of social media, modernity, and technology has made it easier to accomplish your goals. All it depends on what you are learning from social media. Either you are scrolling a Mark Zuckerberg post to see a Kylie Jenner picture or acknowledging different skills that can pave a way towards success. 

The Story of Sweat, Blood and Tears

Have you ever been in a position where you see a lot of your companions continue getting advanced and finding grand new openings, and you’re feeling like your profession is falling behind? You can’t quit asking yourself how you’ll actually get up to speed.

Recall that old tale about the turtle and the bunny? All things considered, as somebody who’s been continuously in a rush to get to the following level, I’ve come to understand that without rushing, success can be truly an extraordinary methodology. There is basically not a viable replacement for hard-procured insight if you really need to be effective in your picked field.

Keeping in mind the passion one requires for success, BTL TOYS has come up with an impeccable story that won’t only act as fuel to the fire of your success, but it will genuinely motivate you for real success.

Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths


Have you ever heard “we live only once, we dream only once” Well, for some it’s just an idiom but for others, it’s the reason for living. So, let’s just start our today motivational story with an influencing quote.

We live only once, we dream only once

Once upon a time, there was a hard-working yet passionate boy who dreamt of becoming a businessman in his adolescence, he wanted to pursue his dream by hook or crook but due to lack of resources, he wasn’t able to do so. So instead of taking a journey towards his dream, he took a left path to earn some money which can ultimately lead him to his dream. Although the job was fruitful and he was warmly welcomed there, but something still bothered him. Keeping that besides, he tried only to focus on his work. Things were going pretty smooth, he earned quite a lot of money to live a peaceful life but as I said before “we live only once, dream only once” His craving for business was never dead and on top of all he realized that it’s all his efforts and hard work, through which the owner is gaining all the credit. Not letting this thing affect his mind, he kept earning money just to sponsor himself a tour to Dubai. Once, he gathered the entire relative sum of money, he took his first flight towards his dreams.

A Tour to Dubai and Its Outcome

Aim for the moon, even if you miss it! You may hit a star

Leaving the job for Dubai was never easy but keeping in mind the quote “One opportunity knocks hundred others” he left for Dubai. Upon reaching, he witnessed many pleasant and wonderful places but that wasn’t just a motive behind visiting Dubai, he wanted to challenge his capability and approach so, he met his uncle which is the main character behind why he is successful today? Are you wondering who’s that guy well don’t worry we will let you know at the end of the story. Until then, hang tight to it. So, after meeting with uncle he decided to start a startup of strollers but the only problem was “financial support” but to his surprise, his uncle agreed to support.


Although, he started a startup but his dream was to become a successful businessman. But as they say “if you dream it, you can do it and”. So, he took that startup as an initiator and inaugurated an outlet in which his mother played a big role by financially supporting him. But as we know this world can never digest the success and happiness of someone, he started to receive hate and judgment from various people. And i must say that was working until or unless the boy made him understand that “dog barks, but the king is always the loin”

After polishing his work, nature and style he finally became a successful Business tycoon by learning a key to success in business that is how to deal a customer and fascinate him by the products they have. And today by the grace of Allah almighty, BTL TOYS is in front of you! Wait a minute? Are you still wondering whose story is this? Well, it’s the story of our passionate owner.

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Make your 2020 happy ending with us


The key that opens the lock of success lies in the focus, consistency and Patience. No matter, how much times passes, if you remain committed to your dreams, goals, a time defiantly comes when they are beneath your feet’s and you roar like a loin. So, he took all that criticism positively and brought up the better version of himself. He polished his skills and understood how this all works. That’s what you have to do! You have to stay consistent to your work and let the dogs bark.