2020, the year of surprises, more precisely shocks which were capable enough to turn the world upside down of the whole world. From the 1st corona case report to the declaration of many deaths, from the first announcement of lockdown till the series of these types of announcement, everything left us stunned. Things happened in a way that no one can imagine.

Think yourself did we imagine that one Friday evening after returning from our offices, universities, we will never see them again God knows for how long! If you ask me, I will definitely say I never imagined something like this, and I am sure you didn’t too. But it happened, everything happened and we were just following everything like the puppets of destiny, fate. But wait, what?  If I will say there is something left in 2020 till now, there is some sort of surprise, or more precisely a shock that will slip the ground under your feet.

Well, we are not over exaggerating but you will be stumped by listening to a fact that BTL toys, one of the most leading brands of Pakistan is going to offer a sale on all their toys, ride on, games that too from 10% till 80%. Yes, you heard it right! Till 80%. With marking the end of 2020, BTL Toys has thought to come up with a sweet little surprise for all of you because what can be better way to say goodbye to this crucial yet challenging year than terminating this on a sweet note by experiencing a grand sale on all your favorite stuff. Oh, wait a minute! Didn’t I forget to mention the dates of this grand toys on sale! Well, as they say it is correct, even though not timely so, the sale will start from 15th December 2020, that will last till 22nd December so, don’t you forget to write these dates on your planners or notes as you will never want to miss this amazing and the biggest sale toys on sale of 2020.

Now buckle up, as we are going to give a introduce the execution of this sale.

The mega sale of BTL Toys is not an ordinary one but has a lot of surprises waiting for you. Have a look at our planner of sale as our sale is going to be in chunks! Didn’t get it! No worries have a look at planner below that will empty all rooms of confusion.

15th December 2020:

On 15th December 2020, Tuesday, we will offer flat 10-80% discount on all the new born babies’ stuff which are listed below.

  • Push Cars
  • Walkers for kids
  • Lap trays plastic table for kids
  • Activity walkers for kids
  • Baby bathers
  • Bath tub

16th December 2020:

On 16th December 2020, Wednesday we are going to offer discount on the following products.

  • Storage draws
  • Pram/strollers
  • Auto Swing cots
  • Auto bouncer
  • Metal swing cots
  • Toddler/bouncer

17th December 2020:

On 17th December 2020 Thursday, BTL Toys Is going to offer sale on following products.

  • Dinning Chair
  • 3 in 1 swing Chair
  • Potty Chair
  • Hanging Chair

18th December 2020:

On 18th December 2020, Friday we are going offer 10-80% discount on the items listed below.

  • Wooden Cots
  • Carry Cot
  • 3 in 1 carry cots
  • Palna Jhoola
  • Slides
  • Table Chairs
  • Kids Study Table

19th Till 22nd December 2020:

Last but not the least, on 19th December 2020, Saturday till 22nd December 2020, Tuesday, we arw going to offer discount on the products listed below.

  • Ride on car
  • Ride on Jeep
  • Ride on Bikes

So, this was the planner made by BTL Toys exclusively for the grand toys on sale 2020. Now let us introduce the 15th December 2020, sale in a little bit more detail that will tell you about the items, the product’s Involve in the grand sale.

Kids Walkers:

Walkers the most important part of your kid’s life because they are there for your kid when he has to learn how to stand in his feet and how to walk. And as a parent you feels a little secure a little relief that something is standing by your kid at their most crucial yet beneficial time. But what? If we say that these amazing walkers are now available in this mega sale, you will be able to grab these walkers in a discount Price of about 10-80%. Unbelievable! Indeed, it is but at the same time it is true that now you can have these high qualities, durable, imported, fascinating, amazing walkers in affordable and minimal rates. Want to know which our products are the part of this grand sale! Have a look below.

  • Elephant walker
  • Walker for kids
  • Duck Walker available in three different types
  • Bear walker
  • Simple Walker having multi color, bright lights
  • Activity walker

All you have to do is to visit our outlets located in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and grab your favourite walker for your child.

Lap Tray Tables:

Doesn’t matter if it’s study, painting or eating the Lap tray tables are the most beneficial because they not only help In managing your kids well but also grab their attention, fascinates them that they themselves want to have a experience of painting, eating there. And what can be more Astonishing then having a flat 10-80% discount on these lab tray tables. They are made up of a Durable plastic that lasts long and is available in hundreds of different colors including the yellow, red, green etc.

Push Cars:

Toddler’s love for cartoons is immense and irreplaceable. They love to watch cartoons and when they get fond of any cartoon character, they want their stuff to represent that character, from napkins to their cars. That is why BTL Toys has a dozen of high quality, durable, amazing, mesmerizing and appealing cartoonish exterior push cars. Then what can be more wonderful then having a flat 10-80% discount on these push cars.

Similarly, other items like the baby bath tubs, baby bathers, potty set, activity walkers will be available on 15th December 2020, that too in 10-80% discount. So, don’t miss the amazing opportunity of grabbing these products on a discounted prices.