There are numerous things that we need to accomplish for our children to ensure they’re cheerful and healthy as they grow up. We put the time in training them nursery rhymes, how to compose, and how to mingle and play. Play is an integral part of a child’s development. It assists with supporting their inventiveness and creative mind and reinforces them in a few viewpoints. Simultaneously, we are answerable for ensuring that we give our children age proper and appropriate toys for their growth and development. Among the most valuable sorts of toys for a youngster’s improvement, ride-on vehicles and kid car toys play the most important part.

Kid Car Toys in Pakistan

They are not just loved by the kids, but its fascinating and eye-catching design also casts its spell over adults. For such scenarios, BTL toys have come up with an economical and high-quality toy in pakistan that is modified by keeping in mind your child comfort and safety assurance. They are crafted with durable plastic that stays in usage for a long time, so, buckle up! We are introducing you to the top 5 amazing kid car toys.


Top 5 perfect kid car toys for in Pakistan

  1. Battery operated car – BMW 669R -Red
  2. Blue kids Tesla car in Pakistan
  3. Bentley ride on cars for kids.
  4. Bestselling Ride-on electric jeep car for Kids.
  5. 4X4 Mercedes Jeep Kids Toy Car
Battery Operated Car

BMW Battery Operated

It is the best selling and most popular kid car toys 2020 as it has a stylish and engrossing interior as well as exterior design. It will stimulate physical fitness in your child and best of all. The car is crafted with self mode as well as the remote, if your child is a beginner or doesn’t know how to drive, he can utilize the remote control function, and once he is done learning he can drive the car himself by self-drive mode. The battery-operated car- BMW 669R- Red is modified to promote Independence and develop self-confidence in your child. The kid car toys feature a safety lock and belt to prevent your child from falling. It has wear-resistant and durable wheels that not only stay in usage for a long time but assist in stopping the car, from rolling over. The toys online pakistan is very easy to use, all you have to do is press the pedal and you are ready to go. The car also features premium and realistic functions such as built-in mp3 player, forward and reverse functions, key start function, and automatic brake.

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Blue kids Tesla car in Pakistan

Blue kids Tesla car

Blue kids Tesla car is the famous model of kid car toys, its vibrant color, and advance modification touch gives an ultra vibe of the real car and will surely be loved by your kid. When your kid will be cruising in our little stylish Tesla, he will surely be the most famous kid in the block. The toys pakistan online feature wear-resistant tires, a wheel suspension system, and a 12v battery. 12volt battery allows the car to keep going, even over the longest play dates. The realistic engine and mp3 connectivity is cherry on the top. The car also has a remote control as well as a self mode car so that, it can easily be operated by kids or parents. The Tesla car is also featuring premium functions such as, forward and reverse function, turn left/right, brake, gear shift, accelerator, swing function, four-wheel suspension system, wheel lights, spacious and comfortable, real headlights and swift steering wheel.

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Bentley ride on cars for kids

Bentley Car For Kids 2020

Bentley ride on car is manufactured with ultra modification and stylish design, your kid will definitively fall in love with its interior design and will bring a smile on his face. It is very easy to use, as it features a smooth and swift steering wheel. It is made with durable and wear-resistant material that will stay in usage for a long time. It also has built-in music to keep your child entertained while driving, the most fascinating feature is the dashboard with lights and music too and for safety assurance, we also provide, safety lock, belt and leather seats which are spacious and will keep your child in a place. It is the best kid car toy in Pakistan.

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Best Selling Ride on Electric Jeep Car for Kids

Best selling Ride on electric jeep car for Kids

The electric jeep is the best selling best kid car toys in pakistan and loved by millions of kids as it features a luxury and lavish design. it is designed by keeping in mind your child’s comfort, brain development, and safety. The jeep is crafted with a self-drive mode car as well as a remote control. So, if you’re looking for two cars, one for a beginner kid and one for a kid who is older and knows how to drive then, they both can drive one car. It will increase their mutual understanding and will help you lessen your budget. It is modified to promote independence and develop self-confidence in your child. It will stimulate physical fitness in them. It also has a realistic and prestigious design to give your child real experience of the car, cause who doesn’t like a car just like the one his daddy’s driving. it is very easy to use, all you have to do is recharge the battery, put it in the car, turn it on, press the pedal and your kid is good to go. It also is equipped with movable wing mirrors, opening doors, working horn, working headlights, dashboard lights, high/low-speed switch, forward and reverse built-in mp3 and accelerator. And best of all, it is made up of nontoxic durable material that will last longer.

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4X4 Mercedes Jeep Kids Toy Car

Mercedes Jeep

The 4 wheels Mercedes is the stylish toys in pakistan 2020 that is very easy to ride. And features premium functions that will make your child fall in love with it. Mercedes jeep Kids Toy Car is designed with the 12V Rechargeable SLA Battery, 2 Motors, 2 Speeds High and low. So that your kid can have the real experience of the car. The child can easily drive the car as it smooth and built with luxury interior design such that a child feels like his own car is luxury which can help him boost up his confidence and strength up his morale. It has a remote control as well self mode system so that if your child is a beginner you can easily drive your child and once he is done learning, he can drive it himself. Just make sure to ride it on paved surfaces. It also contains a safety lock to secure your child from falling. And best of all, it is manufactured using the products that are very durable so that the jeeps stay in usage for a long-lasting time.

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Why Should One buy Toys from BTL Toys?

One of the most frequent questions we ask from ourselves before buying anything that why would we want to buy this product? The utmost fear of wastage of money takes over us, but in the case of BTL toys, it’s the Pakistan largest toy store that not only designs the eye-catching ride on and toys in pakistan but also provides high quality and durable toys. Economical and affordable prices are cherry on the top so what are you waiting for? Order your desired product right now, it just a click away.

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