Are you tired of carrying your baby 24 hours? Are you looking for something that can help you? Then you are in the right place. We have come up with a baby cot that will make a perfect sleep environment for your baby. 

What is a baby cot?

Baby cot also known as crib or cradle is an infant bed. It is used for young children as well as newborns. They are safe, warm, and provide a peaceful atmosphere for your child. They are crafted to restrict the baby movements such as the baby can’t get off the cot without the help of adults additionally the sides are kept longer than the baby legs to keep him in one place. It also lowers the chance of baby falling and best of all, if the mother is working in the kitchen she can put her baby into this cot, it won’t only protect him/her. It will also create a warm surrounding to make them sleep automatically.

Creating a soothing environment for your child:

This beautiful cradle is the ultimate way to keep your baby in a soothing environment. It will gently let your baby sleep. It is designed by keeping in mind your child’s comfort and safety. It is simple and durable and comes with a securely fixed side, making a baby cot ideal option for you and your lovely baby. You can also design it according to your desires such as, if your baby likes cartoons, you can put stuff toys in it.

Features of baby cot:

  • The baby cot comes with a mosquito net that will protect your child from insects or mosquito.
  • The swing is made for the parents who are looking for consistent bedtimes and nap-times for their babies.
  • It comes with secure fixed sides that will keep your baby protected and safe while he enjoys his peace full sleep.
  • You can easily remove and wash the covers.
  • It is suitable for both boys and girls.

Why should I buy a baby cot?

When we become parents, we always try to complete all the desires and wishes of our little ones, from buying them an expensive remote control car to making them sleep in a baby cot for their own betterment, somehow we all try to be the best version of ourselves as a parent.  Well! We totally understand the concerns parents have for their child safety but by buying this product, you are opting for a better and safe environment for your child. It has designed with all the required safety arrangements a baby needs. Do you know the safest place for a baby to sleep in his baby cot? It will keep him secure even at nights when you are deep asleep so what are you waiting for? Buy it now

How can I prepare the baby cot?

Once you are done buying your favorite baby cot now, it’s time to prepare it, for your child. It doesn’t need much modification but you have to set it by keeping in mind your child’s convenience and safety. Here are some of the useful tips you can follow while preparing the baby cot.

  1. Keep the cot clear:

We should always focus on safety first! To keep yourself free from all the worries while putting your baby to sleep, make sure there is nothing unnecessary in the baby cot. Such as pillow, toys, or food items that can make your baby uncomfortable while sleeping or can cause damage in any way.

  1. Measuring tape:

When your baby grows up in a certain way, he starts to crawl and move here and there, to keep yourself away from all the worries you can take measurements of the baby cot and make sure it is bigger than the child’s leg. In this way, your child will stay secure and won’t fall down.

  1. Position the cot perfectly:

Decorating for your child is all fun, but while decorating, it is our responsibility to also take care of the location we are putting the baby cot in; the location is an important thing to think when it comes to the baby cot. 

  • You should place the baby cot against the wall, but prevent putting it with walls that are connected to another room, as it can cause them disturbance
  • Don’t even think of setting it upright in front of the heater, it may keep them warm but it can also lead to getting them too hot.
  • Putting it front of the window can cause the baby cold; make sure to put it away from the window as, besides the coldness, direct sunlight can also hurt your child.
  • Moreover, keep the baby cot away from frames, photos, curtains, and cables. Specially the place where it has a lot of cables and electric wires.

What are the pros and cons of the baby cot?

Everything has its pros and cons but one thing we can assure you about baby cot is, it’s full of pros as it not only saves your time while making your baby sleep but also takes care of his comfort and safety. It has large spacious space to keep your baby free and relax while sleeping, the spacious area can also be utilized for your baby play area and best of all, you can use it for your newborn to 3-4 years old baby but where there are pros, there are cons, and that is, it isn’t easily transportable to another room and is quite expensive! But wait a minute we also have a solution for that, if you buy this product right now it will cost you less than the actual price as we are on sale and about moving, the Baby Swing Cot can be dissembled easily and then once you are done moving you can rearrange it with our manual guide which will help you while assembling the parts.

What are the additional specifications of the Baby cot?

  • Material: Metal.
  • Color: Blue and pink.
  • Mosquito net.
  • Suitable for: Newborn to 1.5 years old kids.

Why Should One buy Toys from BTL Toys?

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