Remote control cars for kids are the fun-size model vehicles or trucks that can be controlled from a distance, using a particular transmitter or remote. The expression “RC” has been utilized to mean both “remote-controlled” and “Radio controlled” however, remote control incorporates vehicles that are constrained by radio, infrared, or a physical wire association.

The best Remote control cars for kids are a great venture for all ages as it doesn’t require any arrangement or programming. It has an ultra-stylish composition and has been modified by pure concentration. It is perfect for all the children or beginners who don’t know how to drive as it has a remote-controlled system.

Why Remote control cars are considered essential for a child’s development?

Remote control cars are considered a key element for a child’s growth and development as it encourages them to perform physical activity. The lavish and finest exterior as well as the interior of the car influences them to play with it, and keep them away from all of the bad things such as technology. The following are some of the benefits of Remote control Car for kids.

  • It grooms and engages their senses.
  • It promotes outdoor play.
  • It encourages their physical activity.
  • The remote control car makes them independent.
  • It develops their motor skills.

Top 5 best-selling and popular remote control car for kids

  1. Audi Kids Jeep
  2. Lamborghini car for kids.
  3. 4 wheeler jeep.
  4. Battery operated jeep.
  5. 4×4 Electric Jeep For Kids
Audi kids jeep:

Audi Kids Jeep 2020

Are you looking for a jeep that has a self-drive car mood for your little rider? Or are you looking for a remote control car for your beginner kid? Don’t worry BTL toys have your back. We have come up with Audi kids ‘jeep 4X4 which not only serves the purpose of remote control but can also be used as a self-drive car. It is the best remote control car for kids. Now you don’t have to spend your money on 2 different cars when you can have both functions in one. You can use it as a remote-control car for the beginner kid who doesn’t know how to drive, and once he is grown up, he can self-drive it. Despite the multi-purpose jeep, it also has a built-in mp3 player to keep your child entertained while driving. It is modified by keeping in mind your child’s enjoyment and comfort. Now you must be stressing over safety. Don’t worry the car also has a safety lock and seatbelts that will keep your child in one place. Best of all, the car has been made with durable material and wear-resistant tires which will keep your child safe and will stay in usage for a long time.


  • The Audi kids’ jeep has been drafted by the design of real Audi to give your child a real feel of the car. It’s interior as well as exterior is pure Representation of luxury and stylish jeep and will fascinate your child to the core of his heart.
  • It can be driven easily by its stimulated steering and durable tires. You can take the turn in seconds by its smooth and swift steering wheel.
  • The jeep has two comfortable and spacious seats So, that your child and his friend can enjoy the ride.
  • The Jeep is built with premium materials which include mp3 player, Aux cable, Bluetooth, high low-speed switch, moveable mirror, horn, working headlights, accelerator, and the doors which can be closed and open for kids.
  • Your child can easily drive the jeep all he has to do is, get in the jeep, press the pedal and he is good to go. For instance, it doesn’t know how to drive then his or her parents can take control of the car by moving it with remote control.

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Lamborghini Car For Kids:

Lamborghini Car

Who doesn’t want to own Lamborghini? From kids to adults, everyone dream of having their personal Lamborghini to drive in. well! BTL toys are here to help; we have come up with the lavish and realistic design of Lamborghini ride on that will thrill your child to the core of his heart. It has an ultra-finest body and eye-catching interior as well as exterior design that will not only be loved by your child but for sure, will cast a spell over you. Your kid will be cruising in our little stylish Lamborghini, which has wear-resistant tires, a wheel suspension system, and a 12V battery. A 12 Volt battery power allows the car to keep going, even over the longest of playdates. The realistic engine sounds add a fun dimension to the car, and with the included MP3 connectivity you can play your child’s favorite music through phone or iPod. One of the most exciting features is that it includes an additional remote control in case your Mom wants to be in control. It’s honestly the most genuine and fun remote control car for kids.


  • The Lamborghini ride on car is crafted with premium and ultra-unique functions that will thrill and amaze your child to the core of his heart including, flashy head and tail lights, mp3 player including AUX cable, Bluetooth, SD card and radio. 12volt battery, accelerator, pedal, car sound, lavish interior design, and many more.
  • The Lamborghini ride on car has a lavish and realistic interior design that will not only engage your child’s senses but truly give him a real feel of the car.
  • For safety, the car has a safety lock and built-in safety belt to keep your child secure. This remote control car for kids will provide you the full safety assurance you need regarding your child.
  • This Lamborghini is perfect for developing your child’s senses. Kids can develop their hand-eye coordination, balance, and motor skills, as well as their self-confidence and self-esteem with every ride.
  • You can take it anywhere you want even if you are going to a party; you can carry it there that way! You can enjoy the party and your little rider can enjoy the ride.

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4 wheeler jeep:

4 Wheeler Jeep For Kids

Looking for the perfect gift can be very tiring, isn’t it? Don’t worry BTL toys got you covered, 4-wheeler ride on the jeep is the best product to gift your child. It features an eye-catching and stylish design that won’t only prove gift problem solver for you but also will be loved by your kid. It is designed by pure concentration and durable material that is persistent and long-lasting. It has a 4 wheels suspension system and battery of 12 volts which gives a real experience of the car. And best of all, it has 2 spacious seats so that, your child and his friend can have fun together. It is the ideal remote control car for kids.


  • The jeep is crafted with durable, nontoxic, and four PP wear-resistant wheels with no possibility of leaking or tire burst. So, it can stay in use for years.
  • The jeep is modified by keeping in mind your child’s security. We provide you the safety assurance of your kid. Both front and rear wheels are equipped with a spring suspension system to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • The jeep features premium and realistic functions that will give your child real experience of the car. It has a built-in music system that will keep your child entertained. It also has forward and reverses functions to make it easier for your child and best of all, it has a key start function and an automatic brake.
  • You can easily ride the jeep; it has forward and reverses functions as well to make it easier for you.

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Battery operated jeep:

Battery Operated Jeep for Kids

Do you want to make your child’s childhood memorable? Do you want to add fun and thrill in your kid’s life? If yes, then you are a right place as BTL toys are offering battery operated Ride on Jeep. The battery-operated ride is made up of a durable material that is plastic, which not only lasts longs but also offers a smooth and easy ride. Your little rider can ride this jeep on any flat or smooth surface. Moreover, the remote control car for kids has a proper sound system and headlights to ensure that your child is being entertained.


  • Assembly menu is provided through which you can easily assemble the jeep. After assembling turn its pedal on and boom your child is experiencing the best adventure of his childhood.
  • The jeep comes with a recharging ability when its battery gets down.
  • Your little kid can ride this Ride-on outdoor as well as indoor.
  • The jeep not only entertains your child but also ensures their safety.
  • You can also connect an AUX cable or USB, in the jeep so that your child can listen to its favorite music while riding. Moreover, a button to control the pitch of volume is there too. Your child can high or slows down the volume as per their wish.

Its dual nature allows you to control it through remote or your kid can self-drive too. Through this remote control car for kids, your child can have the fun of both modes.

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4×4 Electric Jeep For Kids:

Electric Jeep For Kids

BTL Toys have come up with something that will add loads of amusements and joy in your kid’s life. Yes, you heard it right. Joy the only thing parents want to fill in their child’s life. Well, we are very much familiar with this parental nature, and keeping that is mind, we have launched a mini electric jeep that too in its updated model. Now, you will be curious that what’s new in the updated model of remote control cars for kids, well to remove that curiosity have a glimpse of its features below.


  • The mini jeep is dual in nature i-e self-drive and remote control. Yes, you heard it right that means now you don’t have to take tension about your kid’s movement that he is not mature enough and can fall as you can control his movements through remote, and if he is mature enough, also, you want to develop the attitude of independency in him then the self-ride mode is just for your little rider. It is the impeccable remote control car for kids.
  • To make your little rider’s ride more entertaining, it has a port for USB or AUX cable so that he can listen to the music of his choice.
  • The ride-on has three motors and is easy to ride.
  • Now you don’t have to worry about his safety as there are safety locks and a seat belt too, which ensures his safety.
  • The mini ride-on can be taken anywhere without bothering about his size or surface as all you need is a flat and smooth surface and boom! Your little rider is good to go.
  • The LED headlights on the front of the mini jeep are cherry on the top, which attracts your kid towards it.

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Why Should One buy Toys from BTL Toys?

One of the most frequent questions we ask from ourselves before buying anything that why would we want to buy this product? The utmost fear of wastage of money takes over us, but in the case of BTL toys, it’s the Pakistan largest toy store that not only designs the eye-catching ride on, remote control car for kids and toys but also provides high quality and durable toys. Economical and affordable prices are cherry on the top so what are you waiting for? Order your desired product right now, it just a click away.

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