As much as we are proceeding in the top chart of highly populated countries, somewhere we are lacking our child development in between. With exceptional gadgets and electronics, we expect our child to become a doctor, how is that possible? If you are giving numerous gadgets such as guitar how do you expect him to be a doctor, it’s obvious he will opt for a musical career instead.

baby toy shop karachi

For such experiences, BTL toys are here to help, we aren’t just here to provide you a mere toy, we are here to spread awareness regarding child development and growth. We are an online toy shop In Karachi that is more concerned about your child’s growth than anything, if you are buying toys from us, we will also guide you on the basics to acknowledge the child and his senses.

Harmful technologies in the toy industry:

Over the time, there were many technologies introduced in the industry of toys that were beneficial and dangerous to the child at the same time, with increasing popularity people started to buy various toys without even thinking of its harmful effects, but when it comes BTL toys we have always introduced such things in the market that results advantageously in consumer life, such as, ride on, mother products and basic toys. Our all products are manufactured using the highest quality material that not only lasts longer but surely provides its benefits to the parents and child. When we first started a toy shop In Karachi, we started it from basic toys but as we start getting popular we expanded our business to ride on and mother products that created wildfire in the toy industry.

How Ride-on is beneficial to child development?

Ride-on is an ultimate way to add fun in your child life as well as provide him the basic knowledge of life at the same time, it is modified with durable and finest material that ensures you the safety of your child, our most of the ride on is available at BTL toy shop in Karachi, but they are imported in other cities too. Here are some of the benefits, ride on provide.

Encourages physical activities:

When a child gets on a ride on toy, he has to perform many actions to make the car move, such as a child can only turn his car if he uses his hand to turn the swift steering wheel, or else if he wants to stop he can only do it if he presses the pedal from his foot. This encourages his physical activity.

Promote outdoor play

Aren’t you tired of this quarantine? Is your kid is constantly using his phone in the lockdown? Then you definitely have to buy a ride on, it promotes outdoor play, the Ride on’s at BTL toy shop in Karachi 2020 are modified from the ultra-finest interior as well as an exterior that will influence your child to play with it, and it will also lessen the usage of the phone, in this way, you can enjoy your summer walk while your child can enjoy his summer ride.

Enhances the senses:

The ride-on is usually designed with two modes, self-mode, and remote control. If your child is capable to drive a toy car he will utilize the self-mode drive. By using the self-mode, your child will start taking his own decisions such as if he wants to turn over, his brain will signal him and if he wants to stop the car, his senses will engage and he will press the brake. This enhances the senses and also promotes instant action capability in a child. 

From which material baby products are made?

We craft the baby products from durable material that stay in usage for a long time and are helpful to the mother; our best toy shop in Karachi has many baby products that are manufactured using the items of the highest quality possible. We understand the love between the mother and a baby and how it is important to provide your child with good quality products for their safety. So if you opt us, we won’t disappoint you as we believe in “Why to settle for less, as BTL toys provide you the best”

Why Should One buy Toys from BTL Toys?

One of the most frequent questions we ask from ourselves before buying anything that why would we want to buy this product? The utmost fear of wastage of money takes over us, but in the case of BTL toy shop in Karachi, it’s the Pakistan largest toy store that not only designs the eye-catching ride on but also provides high quality and durable toys. Economical and affordable prices are cherry on the top so what are you waiting for? Order your desired product right now, it just a click away.