The 6 Wheeler ride on the jeep is the ultimate beast of driving. And now we bring you fully licensed kids version which not only gives your kid a real experience of driving but makes sure to keep them entertained as well with the built-in mp3 player and Bluetooth. The 6 wheeler jeep is designed with the optimum driving control in mind and comes with 4 motors powered by the speed of 12v battery. It’s interior is made with pure concentration to match your expectation. It’s outside as well inside infrastructure is purely lavish and luxury which gives the real feel of the car. And best of all two kids can enjoy the ride at the same time as the rear boot section flips up to create an extra seat with footrest.

  • The jeep is designed by keeping in mind the comfort of your child. It features reverse and forward functions so that, your child can ride it easily.
  • Despite the self mode it also has a remote control system. So that, the beginner child can ride it without facing any difficulties.
  • To make it more exciting for your enthusiastic rider the jeep also features mp3 player and flashing lights.
  • The jeep tires are made with durable material so that it can last long.
  • Wheel: 6
  • Colour: depends on the availability.
  • Battery for a ride on –  12V Rechargeable Battery
  • Foldable mirrors
  • Four directions remote control
  • Replaceable rubber belt on tires
  • 2-speed system.
  • Age 3-8 years
  • Batteries: 2