BTL Toys has launched an amazing jan Push car whose exterior reflection of jan cartoons that will not only fascinate your child but will also make his childhood memorable and exciting. The car has exclusive features. Want to know about them? Please have a look below.

  • It is made up of a Durable material that lasts long.
  • The push car has appealing and fascinating appearance giving the vibes of dolphin that will not only grab your kid’s attention but will also cast a spell over you.
  • The car is designed in a way that it has no weight issues. Even a person having weight of 60-70 Kg’s can easily ride this car.
  • The back of car has a handle, which not only protects your kid from falling but also makes it easy for you to carry this ride on Along with you.
  • The ride on has thrilling and exciting music player that will fascinate your kid.
  • It has a steering wheel that helps in the movement.
Additional Specifications:
  • Age: 6 months-6 years
  • Durable material
  • Small and strong tires
  • In Stock: Yellow


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