After the metal palna Jhoola and Wooden baby cradle, BTL Toys has now come up with a unique, updated, modified, and ultra-amazing wooden cot that is more stylish and alluring as compared to its previous versions. The cot has such a fascinating and mesmerizing look that it will hypnotize you in a way that you will never be able to forget it and will buy it immediately. The comfy, Soothing, serene environment that your kid gets through this cot is the cherry on the top.

Want to know more about this wooden cot! Please have a look at its exclusive features below.

Protective Mosquito Net:

The wooden cot has a mosquito net that protects your child from all the mosquitoes and others flies; in this way, your child sleeps peacefully without getting troubled by these flies.

Beneficial Yet Stylish drawers:

Have you ever heard of 2 in 1 offer? Well, you might have heard, but maybe you got disappointed by seeing the product, but In our case, you will never be disappointed. Our wooden cot is the perfect and Unique example of 2 in 1; by having this cot, you will not have a sleeping wooden Cradle, but it has a drawer too where you can store important stuff. Besides, the embellished, furnished, polished and splendid look of drawers is the icing on the cake.


It doesn’t matter if its kitchen or bedroom; you can keep your baby in front of your eyes because of the wheels present on the cot.

Dual Mode:

The cot is dual in nature i-e cot and swing, which means that if you want to entertain your child, then you can swing the Cradle; otherwise, there is a lock mode, in which the cot remains still and don’t moves. Your child can relax, lie down, or sleep peacefully.

Comfy and Spacious:

The cot has a comfy, spacious, and bluish interior that engages your child’s sense, fascinates him, and provides a sleeping environment.

Additional Specifications:
  • High Quality
  • Wheel locking system
  • Lavish side look
  • Durable material
  • In Stock: light wood