BTL Toys has come back with a bang, yes you heard it right! Now, we have come up with the super mesmerizing, amazing, dumb struck ride on that will add loads of entertainment, energy, fun in your child’s life. Our latest BMW Ride on bike has a classy and dapper appearance that will not only spell bound your child but will also cast a spell over you.

Want to know about its exclusive features! Please have a look below.

  • The BMW Ride on has an extra supporting wheel in addition to the bike’s original two wheels that helps in maintaining the balance of your child.
  • It is made up of a durable material that lasts long.
  • The BMW Bike has a foot pedal that acts as a support for your child’s feet.
  • The bright, shining, and fascinating LED front lights is cherry on the top that will brighten up the tunnel.
  • Not only at front, but the bike has bluish disco lights at the wheels and sides too, that engages your child’s sense and fascinates him.
  • The bike is very easy to start, all you have to do is to push the Start button and boom! Your child is having an amazing and adventurous experience of his life.
  • It has forward and reverse gears that helps in the movement.
  • The tires of this ride on is made up of a durable and strong material.
  • The BMW ride on bike has also enhances the physical activity of your kid.
  • It has a Thrilling music system, in which the port for AUX Cable, USB or SD Card is the icing on cake.
  • The bike has battery indicators that shows the status of recharging.
  • An assembly menu is given along with the bike so that you won’t have to face any trouble while assembling it.
Additional Specifications:
  • Age: 3-11 years
  • In Stock: White, Blue
  • Comfy and Spacious seat
  • Wonderful interior
  • Fascinating back look
  • Handy