Being kids, we always thought of having our own Mercedes, remember the time when our parents used to take us out, instead of asking for ice-cream we used to stop at the Mercedes showroom, just to get fascinated by the beauty of interior as well as the exterior of Mercedes.  Over a period of time, the Mercedes brand launched many cars of different models that were bought by millions of people from all over the world. While all the adults were enjoying the exceptional beauty of Mercedes, the kids were leftover in the hope of buying their own one day. But nobody knew when that day was going to happen, until BTL toys Pakistan’s largest toy brand launched a Mercedes Mayback 6 ride-on for kids that is extraordinarily appealing and has premium features that absolutely gives the realistic feel of the car. It has an ultra-finest design that is modified by experts to give your child a pleasing time while ensuring you his safety at the same time.

  • The car has a remote control as well as a self-mode drive so that, if your child is a beginner or doesn’t know how to drive he can utilize the remote control function and once he is capable of driving; he can drive the car himself.
  • The car consists of an Mp3 player port to add a charm of fun in your child’s life while he is driving. It will entertain him to the fullest.
  • If you are stressing over the safety then don’t worry as the car has spacious seat made up of leather material that prevents the child’s moment while he is driving, Moreover, the car has wear-resistant tires made up of high quality and durable material that resists the car from rolling over.
  • The Mercedes Car also has an early education system along with English storytelling. So, by buying a Vision Mercedes car it won’t only take care of your child playtime needs but also will enhance his senses.
  • Driving this car means driving one, close to the real one, as the Mercedes Mayback 6 ride on car features a realistic design that absolutely gives the vibe of a real car.
Additional specification:
  • Wholesale Ride on Battery Operated Kids Baby Car WMT-6188
  • 2 Battery 2 Motor
  • Button Start
  • 4 G Bluetooth remote control one by one
  • Independent swing
  • Early education
  • English story
  • LED light
  • SD+MP3 spigot
  • Four-wheel shock
What is import offer?

Recently BTL toys have launched an import offer in which we take 10, 15, or 20 percent down payment from the customer. It depends on how much actual ride on cost. Once, the customer has cleared the payment we book the car with their name. After the car arrives in 50 or 60 days on import we provide it to our valuable customer. It is one of the best offers and we guarantee, you won’t get a car in such a deal from anywhere.

How to avail of import offer?

It is very easy all you have to do is, first select the desired car on which you want to avail an import offer, second you have to check what is the advance booking charges for that ride on and once, you have done the inquiry part you will get the bank details on the same page. You just have to transfer the money. The rest is our work, we check your details and if your payment is verified you will get the proper billing statement from our company.

Additional information

Weight15 kg