If you are looking for something where your child can play, eat and even rest easily then toddler rocker is just the right thing for you and your kid. The seat is designed in a way where your child can eat, feed, sleep and rest. The seat also strengthens your baby’s senses and provides a Serene and sooth environment for them.

Want to know more about this! Please have a look at its premium features below.

  • It has a reclining seat for the feeding and napping of your kid.
  • The bat-at-toys and the musical caterpillar helps in strengthen your baby’s senses.
  • The interior, pad of this toddler/rocker is spacious and Comfy that ensures the proper comfort of your kid.
  • And if you are worried about its cleanliness then you don’t have to be as the seat us removable and easily washable.
  • The position and size of this toddler/rocker can be adjusted as per your child’s age.
  • It has a hanging toys on its upper rod that not only fascinates your child but also help in the development of a motor skills.

Additional Specifications:

  • In Stock: Blue, green, also depends upon availability
  • High Quality
  • Handy
  • Use for infants and toddlers
  • Cab bear up to 18 kg’s of weight
  • Includes two replaceable button cell batteries