BTL Toys has successfully launched an amazing yet beneficial stroller for your kids. Doesn’t matter if it’s a walk around the block or a picnic on some hill station you can always carry this stroller along with you so that your kid will jot trouble you and you can have your space too.

Want to know about its exclusive features! Please have a look below.

  • It is Made up of a Durable material that lasts long
  • The stroller has a wheel locking system, upon pressing that lever, you stroller will no longer moves.
  • It has three different modes (sitting, intermediate and full sleeping mode)
  • The stroller has a seat belt that ensures that your kid will not fall and suffer any injury.
  • The stroller has a pick a boo cap, that act as a shelter when sunlight is at its peak, and can remove in shadow.
  • The stroller has a spacious and comfy interior that ensures your proper child’s comfort.
  • The full Option stroller is exclusively designed that its handle moves forward too, you can use the stroller the way you want.
  • It has a storage compartments where you can store stuff.
  • It has soft, mushy, rod that ensures that your child will not fall forward.
Additional Specifications:
  • In Stock: A Blend of light blue and navy blue, also depends upon availability
  • High Quality
  • Strong wheels
  • Foot support