Ride-on’s are the best thing you can ever opt for your child as they not only make your child’s childhood memories but also plays a vital role in his growth and development. When your child thinks of ways to remove the hurdle in his car’s way, that thinking is not just limited to that time but becomes the part of his nature. Also, it promotes a sense of independence in children. Keeping all these benefits in mind BTL Toys have come up with beneficial yet stylish ride-on cars for kids. The ride-on has a single rechargeable battery of 12V; a charger is given along with the product. Want to know more about this fantastic car! Please have a look at its features below.

  • An assembly menu is given along with the car so that you won’t have to face any difficulty in its assembling.
  • To ensure proper safety of your little rider, the car has all the safety locks and a seat belt that keeps him safe from any injury.
  • The battery-operated car has a music system in which you can connect USB or AUX Cable so that your little rider can listen to music as per his choice.
  • The ride-on is made up of a durable material i-e plastic that lasts long.
  • To make the car more realistic, it has a horn system.
  • The amazing yet stylish ride-on has front flashing headlights that not only grab the attention of children but also become a ray of light in the darkness.
  • If you are worried about the high speed of the car, you don’t have to! As this compelling ride-on has three modes of sped i-e Slow, medium and Fast. You child can ride this as per his ease.
  • The car has a function of remote control so that in case your child is not mature enough. You can control his movements.
Additional Specifications:
  • Age: 2-9 years
  • Colours Available: black, also depends on the availability
  • Speed: 3-5km/h
  • Spacious and comfortable seat
  • Single motor