Childhood memories are very important. As they are not only an important part of our childhood but also shapes our thinking, vision for the future. One can become sad or happy while remembering his childhood. Now it’s up to the parents what they want for their child. As a parent, if you want to bring sweet sugary moments in your child’s life then you are at the right place. BTL toys are offering the best trail bikes that Will add fun and thrill to your child’s life. This ride-on had a battery of about 36 V and is rechargeable.

  • A seat is made up of leather and provides great comfort.
  • To give a realistic touch to this ride on a key is provided which helps in starting of the bike.
  • It is made up of durable material that longs lasts.
  • A built-in music system is present to entertain your little rider. Also, an AUX cable or USB port is there so that your little robin hood can hear the music of his own choice
  • It has a shocker system. Two shocks are applied on the front side and one is on back to reduce the fatigue for your child.
  • The Assembly menu and charger is also provided along with the product.
Additional Specifications:
  • Motor:36-volt,500 watt
  • Age shoukd3be between 6-13 years
  • Charging time is about 4-6 hours
  • Rims are of aluminum
  • Color depends upon availability