BTL Toys is now offering a power wheel Porsche ride-on, that too upon requests of their valuable customers. The ride-on changed the world of battery operated cars because this latest Porsche wheel has a high quality yet affordable rate. The ride-on has a lavish exterior that fascinates the child and also others that much that people will become a fan of your child and he will become a talk of the town.

Want to know more about this stylish ride-on! Have a look at its exclusive features below.

  • In Stock: Red, yellow, White
  • Oval yet stunning appearance
  • Dual motor
  • Dual battery
  • The ride-on has a Beaming battery indicator, that tells you about the charging left in the car.
  • It has an Enjoyable MP3 Player, and a port for AUX Cable, SD Card and USB, that means you little rider can listen to music as per his choice.
  • The ride on has a convenient Starting as it has a push button.
  • To make this car more attractive, it has a Striking and beautiful exterior that engages child’s sense.
  • It is of Dual Nature: self-drive and remote control, that means if your child is mature enough he can self drive the car by using steering wheel, otherwise there is a remote through which you can control his movements.
  • The power wheel porsche has a Bright yet appealing front lights that fascinates the child and brighten ups the tunnel.
  • It has a comfy yet spacious seat.
  • In addition to those ports, the ride-on has a Thrilling Built-in music system that will keep your little rider entertained.
  • It has a Showy yet loud Horn, which make this car more realistic.
  • Last but not the least power wheel car has an Exciting dancing mode, in which the car moves back and forth compelling the child.
Additional Specifications:
  • In Stock: Red, yellow, white
  • Dual battery of 12V
  • Oval yet stunning appearance
  • Dual motor
  • Easy to carry
  • Great for outdoors as well aa indoors
  • Assembly menu