Do you want your child to become an army officer or join the police force when he grows up? If yes, then you are at the right place as we are offering a Mercedes Police jeep that can complete your wish. Research says childhood, its memories, learning always shapes the future of a child. So, if you want your child to become a police officer, then this is the right to give this ride-on to him, it will not add fun in his life but will also shape his future in a way you want. Moreover, the Mercedes police are made up of durable materials and can be used anywhere whether indoor or outdoor, all you need is a flat and smooth surface. So, what are you waiting for? Proceed to BTL toys and get this ride on, but in case you are still confused then have a look at its unique features which will leave no room for confusion.

  • The battery of Mercedes police jeep is rechargeable and is of 12 V.
  • The jeep is dual in nature i-e self-drive and remote control. that means that if your child is not mature enough then you can easily control his movements through remote otherwise he can self-drive.
  • To make it more entertaining and amusing, the jeep has a port for AUX cable or USB, through which your little rider can listen to the music of his choice.
  • The Mercedes jeep has a shocker system which controls the unwanted and excessive spring system.
  • An assembly menu is given along with a jeep so that you won’t have to face any trouble in its assembling.
  • To give it a realistic touch, its both doors are designed in a way that, they open just like the real jeep.
  • The jeep has headlights and a front light below the bonnet, which fascinates the kids and lightens the path in darkness.
  • The interior of the police jeep is just not simple, but many different designs are imprinted on it which captures the attention of the child quickly.
Additional Specifications:
  • Age: 2-12 years
  • Colors available: red, white, also depends upon availability
  • Comfortable and single capacity seat
  • Swing dancing mode
  • Motors: 4
  • Early education system
  • Four-wheeler
  • Maximum weight allowed: 70 kg