Ever heard the pink and white color blend is an utmost representation of sophistication, simplicity, and delicacy. Keeping this in mind, BTL TOYS has come up with a mesmerizing pink and white wooden cot. The idea of manufacturing this stunning cot is to erase the concept of Pink and white color is for girls only; instead, it’s the mixture of delicate colors that will blossom your house with positive vibes. Buying this cot won’t only build a soothing sleeping atmosphere for your baby, but it will also create an affirmative impact on your baby.


Mosquito Net: The Pink and White wooden cot has been magnificently made with a mosquito net to prevent your baby from mosquito bites. Being a mother is never easy, especially when you have to attend a party while leaving your sleeping baby in the house, but buying this will ultimately ease your life. A pink and white wooden cot will provide a shield against mosquitos while, on the other hand, you can enjoy your party without any stress.

Blend of Attractive colors: When it comes to our babies, we always want the best thing possible, whether it’s their stunning pair of socks or sleeping cot. Well, now you can have the best cot possible with our luxurious and striking pink and white wooden cot. It features a marvelous mixture of delicate colors that will soothe your baby while sleeping.

Luxurious and durable Interior: The cot features a splendid framework of a durable and long-lasting material that won’t only secure your child from falling but will also build a comfortable sleeping atmosphere for your child. Best of all, it has a lavish interior, which includes, Mosquito net, a blend of white sides with pink sides, yellow polka dots bed, opening sides, strong legs, and moveable tires.

Easy to Move: The pink and white wooden cot possesses moveable tires that make it extremely easy for you to move wherever you want. All you have to do is to push the cot to the desired room, and boom! You are done.


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