Newborns are indeed the gift of God, the moment they came into this world is just priceless especially for their parents. It is the most awaited moment in one’s life. Indeed, babies come up with a lot of happiness, blessings, contentment, and pleasure but also with loads of responsibilities and duties. Every parent tries their best to fulfill those responsibilities whole-heartedly. So, to help all the parents in this happy yet responsible time, BTL Toys have come up with a captivating yet beneficial Stroller. Doesn’t matter if you are going on a walk a block away or at a picnic on a hill station, you can carry this stroller along with you as it has a folding packing, in folding packing the stroller becomes so compact that it can be placed anywhere and it will not carry much space. Besides, it is made up of durable yet light Aluminum.

Want to know more about this stunning stroller! Have a look at its exclusive features below.

  • The stroller has a shielding Sunroof at its top which protects your child from hot rays of sun.
  • This amazing stroller has a protective Mosquito net at its top, which protects the child from mosquitoes, bee etc.
  • It is of dual Nature i-e seat cum bed, that means you can convert its seat into sitting position whenever you want and in lying position.
  • The stroller has a aesthetic braking system that protect your kid from any injury.
  • It is made up of a durable material that lasts long and is of High quality.
  • The stroller has appealing and engaging music system that adds a lot of fun and amusement in your child’s ride.
  • It has detachable yet beautiful cushions, that means you can easily detach them when you don’t need them or for washing purposes.
  • The stroller is designed in a way that it has a Comfy footrest at its bottom side.
  • There is a Storage basket at the bottom, where you can store your child’s stuff including his toys.
  • In addition to this storage basket, there is a Cute yet small pocket at the behind of stroller, where you can keep your stuff.
  • It has a Seat belt that ensures the proper safety of your child.
  • The stroller has Soft and mushy foamed rod that can be transferred forward and reverse depending upon you.
  • It has three size modes.
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