When you take your newborn for the very first time in your arms, you never want to put him down. Nothing in the world can beat that mixture of emotions, where you are happy but have those joyous tears in your eyes and somehow fears that will you be able to fulfill his dreams, will you be able to make him a good being. Well, as i said before mixture of emotions you feel, but you never want to put him down, you always want your kid to be in your arms but still u willingly there comes a time when you grow and then you have to put him down so that he will learn how to stand in his own two feet and walk and face the world. We understand your concern towards your kid at that time that is why BTL Toys has come up with an amazing musical Walker that will not vanish your fear 100% but still it will be a relief that your child is safe and learning too.

Want to buy this amazing Musical walker! First, have a look at its premium features that will leave no room for confusion.

  • The Unique yet enchanting shape of a walker don’t miss a chance to show its charm on its audience.
  • The walker has small, eight wheels that help your child to learn how to walk.
  • The Alluring and entertaining light grabs your kid’s attention quickly.
  • It has a loud, amusing music that fascinates your child and encourages him to use this walker.
  • The walker has a handle at the back that makes easy to carry it wherever you want.
  • The comfy and spacious interior of this Musical walker is cherry on the top.
Additional Specifications:
  • In Stock: orange, blue, pink, purple
  • Durable material
  • High Quality