BTL Toys have come up with something that will add loads of amusements and joy in your kid’s life. Yes, you heard it right. Joy the only thing parents want to fill in their child’s life. Well, we are very much familiar with this parental nature, and keeping that is mind, we have launched a mini electric jeep that too in its updated model. Now, you will be curious that what’s new in the updated model, well to remove that curiosity have a glimpse of its features below.

  • The mini jeep is dual in nature i-e self-drive and remote control. Yes, you heard it right that means now you don’t have to take tension about your kid’s movement that he is not mature enough and can fall as you can control his movements through remote, and if he is mature enough, also, you want to develop the attitude of independency in him then the self-ride mode is just for your little rider.
  • To make your little rider’s ride more entertaining, it has a port for USB or AUX cable so that he can listen to the music of his choice.
  • The ride-on has three motors and is easy to ride.
  • Now you don’t have to worry about hs safety as there are safety locks and a seat belt too, which ensures his safety.
  • The mini ride-on can be taken anywhere without bothering about his size or surface as all you need is a flat and smooth surface and boom! Your little rider is good to go.
  • The LED headlights on the front of the mini jeep are cherry on the top, which attracts your kid towards it.
Additional Specifications:
  • Age: 2-10 years
  • Double battery
  • Colors Available: Red, also depends upon the availability
  • Spacious and comfortable seat