BTL Toys has successfully launched an amazing and fascinating Mercedes ride on, that will not only add loads of fun and entertainment in your kid’s life but will also enhance his development. Besides, the car is made up of a long lasting. The most amazing thing is that by having this ride on its side, your kid will become the talk of town, everyone will be influenced by his charming personality, every other kid will want to be friend with him, which will ultimately shape his socio economical skills and will boost his confidence. The Mercedes ride on is not just best in personality development but also has elite features that will leave no room for confusion.

Buckle up! As we are going to introduce its premium features.

  • The Mercedes car has a Thrilling music system. To add more entertaining, you can connect AUX Cable, USB and SD card so that your child can listen to music as per his taste.
  • An assembly menu is given along with a ride on, so that you won’t have to face any difficulty while its assembling.
  • Mercedes has fascinating and lavish exterior that will not only engage your child’s sense but will also cast a spell over you.
  • Not only exterior, but this car has a great and stylish interior as well.
  • The steering wheel of the ride on is soft, made up of leather so that your child won’t have to face any difficulty in riding it.
  • The ride on has alluring and Mesmerizing front LED lights that will not only attract your child’s attention but will also bright up the tunnel.
  • Our Mercedes car is made up of a durable material and has strong rubber tires, that will last long.
  • The seat of ride on is made up of black leather, and is comfy and spacious so that your kid won’t have to face any trouble.
  • There are volume adjustable button and battery indicators at the dash board so that your little Rider can adjust the volume as per his ease and know when his battery has drained out and it needs recharging.\
Additional specifications:
  • Dual Door Opening
  • 2 Speed Option(1 in Front and 1 in Backward)
  • Swing Option- Kid can enjoy this Rocker feature.
  • 4 Wheel Shock Absorbers.
  • 4G Bluetooth Remote
  • Two Batteries each of 6V
  • Double Motor
  • Dimension- 105x56x38cm
  • Package Dimension- 107x56x32cm
  • Music System
  • Working Lights

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