Are you looking for something that can make your child’s life enjoyable during this boring lockdown? Or are you stressing over your child’s excessive use of technology to pass time in Quarantine? Well, if yes than BTL toys have come up with Ride-on car for kids – LT5688 – Pink that will bring a positive change in your child’s life. Ride-on toys are proved to be very beneficial for children as it has an encouraging impact on their growth and development. By opting for this car, you are not only choosing a simple ride on but opting for a lifetime guarantee. This car is manufactured using high and durable quality material that will stay in usage for a long time. Moreover, it has to wear resistance tires that resist the car from rolling over. The ride on LT5688 is a pure luxury as it features a lavish interior as well exterior designs which will not only cast a spell over children but will also attract adults towards itself. Best of all, it will promote outdoor play and physical activities in your child’s life and will keep them far away from technology use.

  • You can use this car at any place whether indoor or outdoor; all you need is a flat and smooth surface.
  • The kid’s car has a battery of about 12 V and is rechargeable.
  • It has a built-in MP3 player to keep your child entertained while riding the car.
  • An assembly menu is given along with the car so that you won’t have to face any trouble in its assembly.
  • It is remote control so that you can control the movements of your little rider. Despite that, you can also utilize the self-mode once your child is capable.
  • The kid’s car is manufactured while keeping in mind the comfort of your little rider that is why its seat is spacious and is made up of leather.
  • It has three modes of speed that are low, medium, and high.
  • This ride on car will not only adds fun in your child’s life but also enhances his growth and development
Additionally specification:
  • Age: 1-8 years
  • Colors available: blue
  • 6 months installation plan
  • Speed: 2-5 km/h
  • Motor: 390*2
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: Battery
  • Color: pink
What is import offer?

Recently BTL toys have launched an import offer in which we take 10, 15, or 20 percent down payment from the customer. It depends on how much actual ride on cost. Once, the customer has cleared the payment we book the car with their name. After the car arrives in 50 or 60 days on import we provide it to our valuable customer. It is one of the best offers and we guarantee, you won’t get a car in such a deal from anywhere.

How to avail import offer?

It is very easy all you have to do is, first select the desired car on which you want to avail an import offer, second you have to check what is the advance booking charges for that ride on and once, you have done the inquiry part you will get the bank details on the same page. You just have to transfer the money. The rest is our work, we check your details and if your payment is verified you will get the proper billing statement from our company.