Battery Bike Kids Mini Heavy Bike Version 2:-

Kids Mini Heavy Bike Version2 Ride on Motorcycle completes any childhood dream roaring down the road wind blowing through your hair it doesn’t get much better than this. Electric Motorcycles,  Version2 baby product line launched in 2015 with an impressive design, style lifelike simulation type large displacement motorcycles with strong liberal lines, the car attracted lots of baby’s favorite from the first launch and the product line promises to bring the best features to meet the needs of entertainment of the baby growing Specifications of the product baby electric motorcycle.

  • Dimensions: 110 cm x 41 cm x 68 cm (length x width x height)
  • Material production: high quality plastic
  • Chassis: bearing steel
  • Weight: 14,6 kg
  • Battery: 6V / 7Ah
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Motor: 25 W
  • Speed: 6 km / h
  • Age 2-6 Years

Features of electric motorcycles baby 

Motorcycles Electric baby Kids Mini Heavy Bike Version2 has a powerful engine, mellow explosion recoilless car running smoothly, without sudden stops at up to 6km / h gives little sense of fun to be entered role as a professional racer – Button on the accelerator pedal with 2 types of forward and backward to help baby easily used without time-consuming exercise – Motorcycles, Electronic Baby 2-wheel design comes with 2 wheels rear-mounted more to help her balance traffic – Material produced using durable high-grade PVC non-toxic and safe for baby and environmentally friendly – Lighting system electric motorcycles with colorful flashing whistle tunes with fun increases your baby enjoy riding motorcycles power outside esplanade around the garden or in the park with the family on weekends.


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