Are you tired of looking for the best birthday present for your child? Are you trying to make your kid happy? Then you are at the right place now, you can unleash your child’s inner daredevil with this BMW Z4 car. It won’t only thrill your child by its ultra-representation but also take care of his comfort. It is modified by a 380 W battery, which allows your kid to ride at 3 different speeds. Moreover, it also has an amazing interior as well as exterior design that gives the real experience of a car.

  • It is made up of durable material that is plastic that lasts long.
  • It can be used anywhere outdoor as well as indoor, all you need is a flat, smooth surface and boom! Your little rider is good to go.
  • The electric car has a built-in MP3 player. In addition to this, it has a port for AUX cable and USB so that your little rider can listen to music as per his choice.
  • It features premium functions such as flashy colors, whistle tunes, mp3 player, pedal, headlights, comfortable seats, and accelerator.
  • It is very easy to ride as it has comfortable seats and durable tires, the durable tries to prevent the car from rolling over and a comfortable seat takes care of your child comfort.
  • The BMW car has an additional seat belt, which ensures the safety of your little rider.
Additional Specifications:
  • Age: 2-10 years
  • Speed: 2-5 km/h
  • Charging time: 8-12 hours
  • Made up of plastic.
  • Control Distance: 50 meters
  • Battery: 6V4.5AH*2