In a Nutshell
Practice free throws and slam dunks with these basketball sets, featuring adjustable heights and fillable bases for a sturdy backboard

Product Details
Designed to entertain and exercise the kids for many hours
Adjustable heights
Fillable bases to provide a sturdy backboard for shooting hoops
Kids’ Flames Basketball Set
Extendable from 121cm to 161cm
Base can be filled with sand or water
Backboard dimensions: 40cm x 30.5cm
Ball and pump included
Kids’ Large Basketball Set
Extends up to 261 cm
Base can be filled with sand or water
Height from the hoop to the ground: 216cm
Backboard: 69cm x 45.5cm
8” ball and pump included
Kids’ In the Street Basketball Set
Heavy-duty water/sand roller base
Adjustable playing height: 180cm to 230cm
Nylon all-weather net
Basketball included
Dimensions (approx.): 180cm-230cm (H) x 66cm (W) x 46cm (L)
Kids’ Portable Basketball Set 20881G
Base can be filled with sand or water
Nylon all-weather net
Ball and pump included
Dimensions (approx.): 166cm (H) x 33.5cm (W) x 47cm (D)
Kids’ Portable Basketball Set 20881L
Extendable up to 162cm
Base can be filled with sand
Carry case
Ball included
Dimensions (approx.): 47cm x 38cm x 13cm