Research has revealed that childhood memories play a significant role in a child’s life. This shapes the future of a child. So, that means if you fill happiness in your child’s childhood and make sugary memories with him that will affect the future of him when he/she becomes an adult. Now as a parent you must want to fill those blissful moments in your kid’s life. You want to add a lot of amusement in his life. Well, we are familiar with this parental nature, and keeping in mind this nature we have come up with a stylish yet amazing ride-on exclusively for kids. This ride-on has a classy interior which will definitely grab your child’s attention. Best of all, it features some of the finest and modified premium functions that will give your child a realistic feel of the car. And what can be more surprising and fascinating than having an opportunity of garbing this ford ranger car in a discount of about 10-80% and with a free mini heavy bike. So, what are you waiting for? Avail this offer right now! After all, we believe “why settle for less, when BTL toys is here”

If you want to know more about this Ride-on then have a look at its elite features below.

  • The Jeep contains two spacious seats that are made up of leather material to keep your child safe and comfortable. While at the same time, allows him to make the best out of his trip along with his friend.
  • The Jeep has been manufactured with high quality and durable material that not only stay in usage for a long time but also keeps him safe while driving.
  • Have I mentioned the built-in Music system? The Ride-on jeep – Ford ranger battery-operated –Blue is crafted with a music player to keep the child entertained and adds a charm of fun in his driving at the same time.
  • The toy car is correctly maintained and designed for the girls as well as boys. Who says only boys can have fun with cars? Girls can too, with this ultimate finest Ride-on jeep they easily can.
  • The tires are built with wear-resistant and durable material that prevents the car from rolling over.
  • The ford ranger has self as well as the remote control mode. So, that if your child is capable of driving, he can utilize the self-mode function but in case if your mommy wants to be in control. She can use the remote control.
  • You don’t have to stress over the mess your kid creates; the bike is entirely washable and very easy to clean.
  • You can take it anywhere you want, for instance; you can take it to a park so that you enjoy your summer walk while your son enjoys the little Ride. Just make sure to ride it on smooth pavement.
  • The ford ranger jeep has a forward and reverses function to make riding easier for your child. The bike also features headlights, Mirrors, comfortable seats, battery 12v, and a speed of 4k mph.
  • Lastly, the Ride-on Jeep is built with exceptional benefits; for instance; it will enhance child development and will engage his senses.
Additional specification:
  • Realistic Interior.
  • Opening door.
  • Remote control.
  • Self-mode drive.
  • In Stock: Blue.