Who doesn’t want to own Ferrari? From kids to adults, everyone dream of having their personal Ferrari to drive in. well! BTL toys are here to help; we have come up with the lavish and realistic design of Ferrari ride on car that will thrill your child to the core of his heart. It has an ultra-finest body and eye-catching interior as well as exterior design that will not only be loved by your child but for sure, will cast a spell over you. Your kid will be cruising in our little stylish Ferrari, which has wear-resistant tires, a wheel suspension system, and a 12V battery. A 12 Volt battery power allows the car to keep going, even over the longest of playdates. The realistic engine sounds add a fun dimension to the bike, and with the included MP3 connectivity you can play your child’s favorite music through phone or iPod. One of the most exciting features is that it includes an additional remote control in case your Mom wants to be in control.


Lavish Interior Design:

Who doesn’t want a car just like the one his daddy’s driving? With the Ferrari ride on car, you can get the same exact feeling as it features premium functions as well as lavish interior design. It has been crafted with durable and high-quality material that will stay in usage for a long time.

Music System:

The Ferrari ride on car features a built-in music system that will keep your child entertained while driving. Dancing mood and shocker system is cherry on the top.

Dual functions:

The car has been drafted with two modes for your child Convenience. The self-mode drive for all the riders who are capable or older enough to manage a car and remote control, in case mommy wants to be in control.

Assembly Manual:

An assembly menu is given along with the ride-on so, that you won’t have to face any difficulty in its assembly.

Additional Specifications:
  • Remote Control
  • Self-Drive Mode
  • MP3 Player Complete
  • Door Opening Hydraulic
  • Shocker System
  • Dancing Mode
  • E.D Lights
  • 3 Speed Modes
  • Lights Switch On/Off