To add loads of fun and entertainment in your child’s life and enhance his growth and development BTL Toys has come up with Bugatti ride on. It will not only do this but by having this car on his side, your child will become the talk of town, every other kid will want to befriend with him Which will enhance his socio economical skills and boost his confidence.

Want to know more about this ride on! Please have a look at its premium features below.

  • An assembly menu is given along with the product so that you won’t have to face any difficulty while its assembling.
  • There is a thrilling music system in which there is a port for AUX Cable, SD Card, USB, so that your little rider can listen to Music as per his own choice.
  • The Bugatti ride on has fascinating front LED Lights that engages your child’s sense and fascinates him.
  • The car has an alluring and mesmerizing appearance that will not only grab your child’s attention but will cast a spell over you
  • There are gears for forward and backward.
  • The car has all the safety locks and a seat belt that ensures the proper safety of your Little rider.
  • There is specious, comfy seat, that makes your child’s ride more relaxing and trouble free.
  • The Bugatti ride on is of dual in nature i-e remote control and self-drive mode
  • The ride on has a soft, mushy steering wheel made up of leather.
  • The Bugatti has an exceptional, Unique shape that makes this car stand out in a crowd.
  • The ride-on has stylish and realistic door openings.
Additional Specifications:
  • Age: 3-10 years
  • Three different modes of speed
  • High quality
  • Rechargeable
  • 12 V battery
  • Start button
  • Exciting dancing mode
  • Lights of mode
  • Shocker system
  • In Stock: White, Red