Are you tired of this quarantine just like everyone else is? Has your kid become too lazy after the lockdown? Are you looking for something that can encourage him to exercise and play at the same time? Then we are here to help you with the unique and productive product that will not only keep your child entertained but will surely motivate him to stay healthy. BTL toys present you with the Cheetah Jeep that is a natural and organic way to keep them exercising, this ride-on is modified with premium functions that will increase their stability, balance, and health. The boredom of quarantine will be over in minutes after playing and riding this jeep. And if your little racer has craze over animals? Then what could be greater than that! The jeep features a cheetah style imprinted on it uniquely. So with this ultimate dual-purpose jeep, your child will spend most of his time playing rather than sleeping and will stay healthy. Because a ride on toys is more than just objects for playing, they are the key to enhance motor skills, coordination, and balance. What more you can ask from a child’s toy?

  • If you are already impressed by the exterior then buckle up as this huge jeep offers more than that! Its finest modification of interior structure will make cast a spell over everyone. It has dual modes; remote control and self-drive mode so, if your child is a beginner he can utilize the remote control button and once he is done learning he can drive the jeep in self-drive mode.
  • The jeep has multimedia functions including, mp3 player, radio, aux cable and Bluetooth; real headlights and wheel lights, equipped with swing function, swing up and down, and a four-wheel suspension system.
  • It is manufactured using wear-resistant, durable, and high-quality tires that will prevent the car from rolling over.
  • The car has been crafted with easy functions which include, forward and reverse function, turn left/right, brake, gear shift, and accelerator.
  • For safety assurance; it has a safety lock and belt to protect your child and ensure his/her safety to you.
  • The built-in mp3 player will keep your child entertained while driving.
Additional specification:
  • Material: Plastic
  • Durable plastic
  • Power: Battery
  • Function: Remote Control/self-mode.
  • Electric-feature: MP3 Music
  • Speed 4-5 k mph
  • Motor: 390*2
  • Battery:12V7A
  • Suitable Age: 1-8 years old
  • Product Size:112*69*72cm