Do you want to add fun and entertainment in your child’s life? As a parent, do you want to live your childhood once again through your child? Do you want to make his childhood memorable so that after years when he/she will remember his childhood Phase, tears of joy will brim in his/her eyes? If yes, then you are at a right place as we have come up with something that will give direction, shape to your and your child’s dream. Our Cheetah jeep is full of joys of spring that will add excitement, happiness, relaxation, energy and enthusiasm in your child and will make his childhood unforgettable.

Want to know more about this electrifying ride on! Please have a look at its elite features below that will surely surprise you.

  • The Cheetah ride on has thrilling Music system that will make your little riders ride adventurous. To make your child experience more heroic, there is a Port for AUX Cable, USB, SD Card, you can insert any of those and your kid will feel heaven on earth by listening to songs of your own choice.
  • The Alluring and Mesmerizing front LED Lights fascinate your child, grabs his attention and engages his senses quickly.
  • An assembly menu is given along with the car, so that you won’t have to face any difficulty in its assembling.
  • The most interesting thing about this ride on is that it is dual in nature i-e Self-drive and remote control. If your kid is not mature enough you can control all his movements through the remote, otherwise he/she can self-drive.
  • If you are worried about your little rider’s safety then don’t be! As our ride-ons including this Cheetah jeep has all the safety locks and seat belt that ensures the proper safety of your kid.
  • The Cheetah jeep has three motors and dual battery.
  • To make this ride on more realistic, the doors of this Cheetah car are designed in a way that it has a door opening.
  • The ride on has battery indicators, that indicates the battery and shows its status.
  • The car is made up of a durable material that lasts longs and has a shocker system.
  • The car has comfy and specious seat, that makes your Little rider’s adventure relaxing and Soothing.
  • There is a soft, mushy, smooth steering wheel.
Additional Specifications:
  • Age: 3-10 years
  • In Stock: White, Red
  • Strong tires
  • Rechargeable
  • High Quality