Whether it’s a walk around the block, or a shopping, you cannot always carry your kid in your arms, it becomes very difficult for you. This not only makes you feel tired but will also results in a lack of focus on things. So, to cope up with this problem, BTL Toys has come up with a pink yet alluring stroller. Doesn’t matter if its walk, shopping or picnic you can always carry this stroller along with you. In this way you can focus on some important things without getting tired and your child will also have some moments of happiness.

Want to know more about this stroller! Please have a look at its premium features below

  • The stroller is made up of a Durable material that lasts long.
  • The stroller has a foot support too, where your child can keep his foot while sitting inside the stroller.
  • It has a shelter too, that will save your kid from sun rays and your kid can enjoy his peaceful time.
  • To ensure the proper safety of your child, the stroller has seat belt.
  • The stroller has a storage compartment at the lower side where you can store things.
  • It has lovely, fascinating and alluring appearance that will not only grab your child’s attention but will cast a spell over you too.
  • The stroller has strong and Durable wheels.
  • It has a spacious, soft, mushy and comfy interior, where your kid can sit or lie comfortably.
  • There is a front rod that is of foamish in nature, it makes sure that your child will not slip.
  • It has a braking system too in wheels, by pressing that lever your stroller will no longer move.
  • In Stock: Pink


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