Is your little child stuck in the middle phase of a high seat and dining seat? Is he or she too big or excessively small for the high seat but not yet large enough to securely sit at the dining table without the help of a supporter or cousin? For such Scenarios, BTL toys are here to help, we have come up with a dining chair that is an ideal arrangement for your kids. The Kid dining chair is the easiest and effective solution to your little one’s mealtime seating needs. It is designed by keeping in mind your child’s comfort and safety.

  • The chair is made with durable plastic material to keep it last longer.
  • The dining chair features an adjustable function so that, you can adjust the seat according to the age and size of your kid.
  • The backrest is fold-able so that if you want to carry it somewhere outside the house, you easily can.
  • The plate is removable so that you can easily wash or clean it.
  • The Dining chair also features an engrossing and eye-catching design that can keep your child entertained.
  • Are you stressing over the mess your child creates? Don’t worry we also have a solution to that. The dining chair features a wipe-able seat pad that makes it easy and quick to clean it.
  • Our dining chair is specifically designed with seats, legs, and backrest to ensure the safety of your child.
  • The chair has high sides to prevent the movement of the chair