Are you looking for something that can make your kid walk? Is he is too young to walk? We all know how difficult is it to balance between strength and coordination, it is hard to learn how to sit or walk if you are a young child, but you know what is harder? When your kid is more than enough to walk but still can’t manage to stand straight. For such scenarios, we have come up with the Bugatti Ride-on car that will encourage your child and will challenge his strength, his stamina of doing something new will come out of his will and he will try to learn walk or sit with this ultra-unique beast. it has premium functions and the finest modification that not will not only help your child to sit and stand but also will give him the real feel of the car, because who doesn’t like a Bugatti. 

  • It has a remote control as well as a self-mode system so that if your child is a beginner you can easily drive your child and once he is done learning, he can drive it himself.
  • It is designed for riding on paved surfaces and make sure not to take it on grass, mud, or sand.
  • It is built in the perfect size for beginner drivers so that, even if it’s their first time they can have most of the fun.
  • It also contains a safety lock so that your kid is protected and secure moreover, the safety belt is also there to prevent your child from falling.
  • The Bugatti is manufactured using the products that are very durable so that the jeeps stay in usage for a long-lasting time and your kid can take advantage of that.
  • It also has an mp3 player such as a memory card, Aux, USB. So, your kid stays entertained while driving.
  • It has durable, high quality, and wear-resistant tires that will prevent the car from rolling over.
  • With the finest and ultra-unique modification, it will give you the real feel of the car and your child will be the most popular child on the block.
Additional specification:
  • Battery operated
  • Features premium functions.
  • Built-in mp3 player
  • Child Capacity: 20kgs.
  • For 2 to 8 years old.
  • Dual-mode; remote control and self-control.
  • Seat belt.
  • Durable plastic.
  • Material plastic.
  • Wear-resistant wheels.
  • Wheels: 4