Are you looking for a jeep that has a self-drive car mood for your little rider? Or are you looking for a remote control car for your beginner kid? Don’t worry BTL toys have your back. We have come up with an off-road jeep 4X4 which not only serves the purpose of remote control but can also be used as a self-drive car. Now you don’t have to spend your money on 2 different cars when you can have both functions in one. You can use it as a remote-control car for the beginner kid who doesn’t know how to drive, and once he is grown up, he can self-drive it. Despite the multi-purpose jeep, it also has a built-in mp3 player to keep your child entertained while driving. It is modified by keeping in mind your child’s enjoyment and comfort. Now you must be stressing over safety? Don’t worry the car also have a safety lock and seatbelts that will keep your child in one place. Best of all, the car has been made with durable material and wear-resistant tires which will keep your child safe and will stay in usage for a long time.  Moreover, it has a swift steering wheel for your kid’s convenience.

  • What child wouldn’t like a car just like the one his daddy’s driving? Don’t worry the jeep features a realistic and prestigious design that gives the real experience of a car.
  • The battery-operated car is very easy to use, all you have to do is recharge the battery, put it in the car, turn it on, press the pedal and your kid is good to go.
  • Equipped with movable wing mirrors, opening doors, working horn, working headlights, dashboard lights, high/low-speed switch, forward and reverse built-in mp3 and accelerator.
  • The jeep also has a safety lock for the safety assurance for your kid.
  • The car is made up of non-toxic durable material and a wheel suspension system that stays in usage for a long time.
  • It consists of wear-resistant tires that are strong enough and can be used on hard services or roads that aren’t well maintained.
Additional specification:
  • Material: plastic.
  • Power: Battery.
  • Battery: 12Volts
  • Speed: 4-5 mph
  • Recommended age:1-9 years old.
  • Weight capacity:65Ibs
  • Color: depends on the availability.