As a parent, you want to fulfill all your kid’s wishes, but still unwantedly many times you are not able to do that. For instance, you want your child to play, have fun in the park due to some unforeseen situations you cannot take your child to park and obviously it’s true that you can’t leave your child on parks for 24/7 but we even can’t deny the fact that children want to be in Park and have fun and entertainment 24/7/365. Well, what if we say that don’t worry if you can’t take your child to Park whenever he/she wants, but you can bring the park, entertainment, fun to your house. Seems like a fantasy! An imagination! But BTL Toys has all the keys of your imaginations as we have now come up with a 3 step Slide for your kids. You can place this slide in your garden or even in your room, wherever you want and your child can have all the amusement, fun at home similar to that of the park.

Want to know more about this amazing Slide! Please have a look its exclusive features below that will leave you awe-struck.

  • It is made up of a durable material that lasts long.
  • It has 3 steps of a ladder that makes easier for your child to reach the slide.
  • The surface of this slide is soft and soothing, which do not hurt your child at all.
  • The slide has support, where your child can place hands when he/she climbs the steps.
  • It is handy.
  • It has a colorful, fascinating appearance that grabs your child’s attention quickly.
  • In Stock: A blend of yellow-red