Kids and their wishes! Being parents we always try to give our kids from a good lifestyle to expensive toys, we take care of their small wishes but at some point, we are worried about the things and their side effects. Such as Mobile phone, even though we want to introduce our kid to social media and technology, we can’t deny the bad influence social media have on kids. For such scenarios, BTL toys have come up with BMW ride on a car that not only completes the purpose of fun but also takes care of your child’s safety. you won’t regret buying this as it has ultra finest modification and extremely eye-catching interior as well as exterior Additionally, it doesn’t have side effects like social media. It will not only be loved by your child but will for sure, cast a spell over you too. And the best part about this product is, your kid will utilize most of the time playing or riding the car instead of using technology.

  • The BMW ride on car has a lavish and realistic interior design that will not only engage your child’s senses but truly give him a real feel of the car.
  • The BMW ride on car is crafted with premium and ultra-unique functions that will thrill and amaze your child to the core of his heart including, flashy head and tail lights, mp3 player including AUX cable, Bluetooth, SD card and radio. 12volt battery, accelerator, pedal, car sound, lavish interior design, and many more.
  • The BMW has a built-in mp3 player to keep your child entertained while driving, Moreover, it features a wear-resistant and durable try that will resist the car from rolling over.
  • The car contains two spacious seats so, that your child and his friend can enjoy the ride.
  • For safety, the car has a safety lock and built-in safety belt to keep your child secure.
  • It also features automatic door opening and car boot, your kid can easily store his/her belongings.
  • The car is drafted in two modes, self mode drive for experienced or older kids and remote control for parental purpose.
Additional specification:
  • Remote Control
  • Self Drive mode
  • Aux Pin / USB player
  • Built-in Sound
  • Door Open
  • Boot Open
  • Dancing Mode
  • Shocker System