There are numerous things that we need to accomplish for our children to ensure they’re cheerful and healthy as they grow up. We put the time in training them nursery rhymes, how to compose, and how to mingle and play. Play is an integral part of a child’s development. It assists with supporting their inventiveness and creative mind and reinforces them in a few viewpoints. Simultaneously, we are answerable for ensuring that we give our children age proper and appropriate toys for their growth and development. Among the most valuable sorts of toys for a youngster’s improvement, ride-on vehicles play the most important part. For such scenarios, BTL toys come up with Bestselling Ride-on electric jeep car for Kids. That is designed by keeping in mind your child’s comfort, brain development, and safety. The jeep is crafted with a self-drive mode car as well as a remote control. So, if your child is a beginner or doesn’t know how to drive, he can utilize the remote-control function and once, he is done learning he can drive the jeep himself by putting the ride on in self-mode. It is modified to promote independence and develop self-confidence in your child. It will stimulate physical fitness in them so what are you waiting for? order right now.

  • What child wouldn’t like a car just like the one his daddy’s driving? Don’t worry the jeep features a realistic and prestigious design that gives the real experience of a car.
  • The battery-operated car is very easy to use, all you have to do is recharge the battery, put it in the car, turn it on, press the pedal and your kid is good to go.
  • Equipped with movable wing mirrors, opening doors, working horn, working headlights, dashboard lights, high/low-speed switch, forward and reverse built-in mp3 and accelerator.
  • The jeep also has a safety lock for the safety assurance for your kid.
  • The car is made up of non-toxic durable material and a wheel suspension system that stays in usage for a long time.
Additional specification:
  • Material: plastic.
  • Power: Battery.
  • Battery: 12Volts
  • Product size: 112*69*72cm.
  • Speed: 4-5 mph
  • Recommended age:1-9 years old.
  • Weight capacity:65Ibs
  • Color: red.