Looking for the perfect gift can be very tiring, isn’t it? But now you don’t have to worry anymore as BTL toys got you covered, the kids car is the best product to gift your child. It features an eye-catching and stylish design that won’t only prove gift problem solver for you but also will be loved by your kid. It is designed by pure concentration and durable material that is persistent and long-lasting. It has a battery of 12 volts which gives a real experience of the car. And best of all, it has spacious seats so that your child can enjoy his ride comfortably.

  • An assembly menu is given along with a car so that you won’t have to face any difficulty while riding it.
  • The fantastic yet stylish ride-on has a remote control function so that you can control all his movements.
  • The ride-on has an appealing interior that grabs the attention of kids quickly.
  • This amazing car has a port for AUX cable or USB so that your kid’s fun will be x2, as through this feature he can listen to the music of his own choice.
  • The material used in designing the car is plastic, which means it is not only environmentally friendly but also lasts long.
  • The car has side mirrors through which your child can see the road correctly.
  • It can be ridden anywhere, all you need is a flat and smooth surface then doesn’t matter if your child is riding it outdoor or indoor.
Additional Specifications:
  • Age: 3-8 years
  • Speed: 3-5 km/h
  • Three modes of speed
  • Colors Available: Red
  • Rubber tires