The success of our children starts with small steps, and by small steps, it means how they develop the sense to figure out and how they pick things up. It is the reason, many famous child development psychologists recommend parents to buy kid’s toys that are meaningful and help them develop their senses.

One of the most useful toys to help kids grow is the ride on toys. Where they can have enjoyment and a sense of freedom at the same time. By giving your child a ride on, you are not investing in his fun but also his physical activities and development. It won’t only encourage them for physical activity but also foster their sense of exploration. For such a situation, BTL toys have come up with BMW Ride on a car that will foster your child’s senses, and for sure will take care of his fun and enjoyment at the same time. The BMW ride on the car is modified with ultra finest interior as well as exterior design. It will give your child a realistic feel of the car with its premium and outstanding qualities and best of all, you don’t have to stress over your child safety, we have crafted our car with safety assurance such as safety belt to secure your child from falling.

  • The car is drafted with two modes for your convenience. The remote control is for parental purpose, and self mode is for one’s who are older to handle a car or already have experience.
  • You can ride the car anywhere you want, just make sure the pavement is smooth and flat.
  • The BMW ride on car has a lavish and realistic interior design that will not only engage your child’s senses but truly give him a real feel of the car.
  • The BMW ride on car is crafted with premium and ultra-unique functions that will thrill and amaze your child to the core of his heart including, flashy head and tail lights, mp3 player including AUX cable, Bluetooth, SD card and radio. 12volt battery, accelerator, pedal, car sound, lavish interior design, and many more.
  • It is very easy to use, the fun begins when your child hits the black button on the grip; then the engine of revolution and the sound of ignition to greet the driver. It also has a button on the left grip to enchants the horn.
Additional specification:
  • Battery 12V
  • Double Battery and Double Motor
  • High Low-Speed option
  • USB, SD Card
  • Door Open
  • Boot Open
  • Light and Music
  • Age 2 to 8 Years kids can drive this