After the Cheetah Jeep, BTL Toys is not coming slow as it has now come up with more updated, modified model of Cheetah jeep that is Mercedes Cheetah Jeep. Buckle up! As now we are going to introduce its exclusive features that will leave you awe struck.

  • An assembly menu is given a long with ride on so that you won’t have to face any trouble while assembling it.
  • The car has fascinating and alluring lights that will engage your child’s sense and will cast a spell over you.
  • The ride on has exciting MP3 Player, where there is a port for AUX Cable, SD card, USB so that your little Rider can listen to music as per his own choice.
  • To make this ride on look more fascinating and realistic, it has door opening.
  • The jeep is dual in nature i-e remote control and self-drive. If you have two kids, one is mature enough and other is younger then you don’t have to buy two ride-on instead you can buy this car which has two modes, that will accommodate your both kids.
  • The ride-on is made up of a durable material that lasts long.
  • It has three motors and two batteries.
  • The ride on has battery indictors, that shows the status of battery.
  • It has a spacious and Comfy seat that makes your child’s ride more relaxing and peaceful.
Additional Specifications:
  • High Quality
  • In Stock: White
  • Soft and mushy steering wheel
  • Rechargeable
  • Strong tires