Being a parent it’s your responsibility to give the best lifestyle you can to your children so that they make the best out of their childhood. For such experience, we have come up with the best ride on Mercedes that can thrill your little rider. Mercedes jeep Kids Toy Car is designed with the 12V Rechargeable SLA Battery, 2 Motors, 2 Speeds High and low. So that your kid can have the real experience of the car. The child can easily drive the car as it smooth and built with luxury interior design such that a child feels like his own car is luxury which can help him boost up his confidence and strength up his morale.

  • It has a remote control as well as a self mode system so that if your child is a beginner you can easily drive your child and once he is done learning, he can drive it himself.
  • It is designed for riding on paved surfaces and make sure not to take it on grass, mud, or sand.
  • It is built in the perfect size for beginner drivers so that, even if it’s their first time they can have most of the fun.
  • It also contains a safety lock so that your kid is protected and secure.
  • It is suitable for girls as well as kids under the age of 2-10.
  • The jeep is manufactured using the products that are very durable so that the jeeps stay in usage for a long-lasting time and your kid can take advantage of that.
  • It also has an mp3 player such as a memory card, Aux, USB. So, your kid stays entertained while driving.
  • Motors: 4
  • Jeep weight: 25kg
  • Can carry: 150kg weight
  • Trunk can open
  • Shocker system
  • Seating capacity: 3 people
  • Light, music, horn button
  • Door opening
  • Size: 125*75*80
  • Colour: depends on the availability
  • Drive time: 1-1.5 hours
  • Charge time: 3-4 hours