When a child comes in your life, he glitter your entire world with his magic wand. You just want that new born to be around you always. You entertain him, hold him in his lap, sing for him, dance with him and what not? But one thing that remains common in all activities is that he is always in your lap. You just can’t drop down him for two reasons one is you just can’t enough of him and second obviously he is too little to walk. But there comes a time, when your child has to learn to stand in his own feet and walk, that is most difficult time as a parent you want your child to do that but the sentimental side of you is scared that he might fall, get Injured. Well, we cannot say that your fear will 100% vanish, but through our 3 in 1 activity walker you will some relief that your child is safe n sound. Besides, he is learning.

Want to buy this activity walker! Firstly, have a look at its premium features so that all your confusions will clear.

  • It has an Assembly; all you have to do is to fix the upper part in lower one and then lock it.
  • The walker has an exclusive and unique shape that will grab your and your child’s attention quickly.
  • It has strong yet colorful wheels.
  • The walker is made up of a Durable and high-quality plastic that lasts long.
  • It has a slow and fast speed mode; all you have to do is to rotate the button situated at back side towards your desired speed and your Walker will move at that speed.
  • It has a Locking system too, in which the walker doesn’t moves and stand still.
  • The walker is specifically designed in a way that your 6 months child learns how to stand and then walk slowly at first and rapidly at the end through this 3 in 1 activity walker.
  • The walker has fascinating and alluring lights that will engage your child’s sense.
  • The walker has a sensor in which it automatically starts playing music whenever it is moved forward and backward. That means when your child will use this for 2-4 times, he will automatically understand that by pushing it the music will start, so, the craving to hear that wonderful splendid music will Force him to move it and hence your kid will learn how to walk automatically.
  • It has an entertaining, animated interior that will fascinate your child.
  • In Stock: A blend of pink purple.


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